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New Album

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Isophene to release 'Reverbatory' on vinyl
SSS is now taking pre-orders for the forthcoming limited edition 12" vinyl release of Reverbatory by Isophene [11/17/2020]. Vinyl will be available in two 180-200g color variants (Olive Green and...
Isophene shares 'Echo Point' Single + Remixes
Echo Point is the first single from Brad Buenen’s forthcoming Isophene album Reverbatory (November 2020), which was originally released as a Compact Disc on Australian imprint Hidden Shoal (October 2018)....
Glamaticus announces new album 'Ajabu Ya Maat'
Glamaticus’ Ajabu ya Maat [July 21st] is themed after the ancient kemetic civilization of Afrika and the principles of creation, particularly Ma'at. Ma'at in ancient Kemet (now known as Egypt)...
Gemini Tri returns with 'Astroida'
Gemini Tri is back with his second installment of exquisitely crafted IDM, ambient, and downtempo on SSS. Astroida [June 16th] channels cosmic moods interspersed with abstract themes ranging from an...

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