Sun Sea Sky Productions (or, simply referred to as ‘SUNSEASKY’) is an independent music label that is currently based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. The label was founded in 1999 with the expressed purpose of releasing original and quality recordings from a host of artists and genres worldwide. The startup began documenting noteworthy music in similar fashion to like-minded labels and luminaries of its time, the majority of which are sadly no longer in existence.

Since its inception, SUNSEASKY has and continues to release fresh innovative music in hopes of advancing an often discreet, yet all-important independent music scene. Influences are seemingly redundant to cite this day and age, but as a reference point the label has learned much being raised in an environment which fostered the growth and development of seminal indie, shoegaze, slowcore, math rock, post-rock, idm, electronica, ambient, drone, and modern classical acts. All good music is emotional - from 70’s Genesis to Autechre to Quicksand - with the label’s output being no different.

Over the years the label has had the rare privilege and good fortune of working with a wide range of talent, that today has grown to encompass more contemporary styles. We trust that you are enjoying the releases, humbly thank you for your support, and with any amount of luck will outlive our predecessors.


Sun Sea Sky Productions
PO Box 1849
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 USA

We are not accepting unsolicited demos at this time.

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[Physical Distribution]
n5md (US)
Norman Records (UK)
Linus Records (JPN)

[Digital Distribution]
Tunecore, Inc.
63 Pearl Street
Box #256
Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA

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