The Storied Northwest - The Storied Northwest
[ SSS009 · Released · Sep 23, 2008 ]

The Storied Northwest

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The Storied Northwest encompass what some have come to know as the "KCMO" or "Kansas City" sound bands like Giants Chair and Shiner helped shape many moons ago. Bands such as Boilermaker, Juno and SDRE also come to mind. Not unlike their predecessors, The Storied Northwest compile a pummeling lineup and retrospective of songs on this release that have been completely remastered and released for the first time ever. Members would later go on to form Schooled In Victory.

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01. Blue Eyed Lullaby
02. With Shining Wires
03. Curious George
04. Pulse That Passes Understanding
05. Graceless
06. My Angels Are My Demons
07. New & Redefined
08. Stuck In The Ground
09. Just Like Sleeping
10. In Absentia
11. Limbo