Sentient - Tundra
[ SSS033 · Released · Feb 24, 2009 ]


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Sentient has gone through many mutations since their inception in 2004 in Lawrence, KS. Determined to find the perfect line-up, Sentient endured frequent step backs but they are stronger than ever thanks to the addition of Mike Quillin (Theta) on vocals. James Sizelove and Troy Richardson are well known from some of their previous bands such as Jumbo's Killcrane, Filthy Jim, and Lafayette. Every member of Sentient is determined and driven to explore the realms of modern music. Sentient's objective is to bring a fresh aural and visual assault to the senses of the masses. With terror comes beauty. With life comes fear of the unknown.

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01. Quiet Earth
02. Arms Of Bronze
03. Unnatural
04. Veritas
05. Cecilia
06. The Ghost Below
07. Tundra

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