POUND WI - I've Got A Terrible Secret
[ SSS004 · Pre-Order · May 18, 1999 ]

I've Got A Terrible Secret

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We lifted this from the band's website...."Well, there's the crunching of Tar and Big Black. Then there's the pastoral side of bands like Codeine. And of course there's the seminal noise of Sonic Youth and Gang of Four. And maybe the latent metalisms of folks like The Melvins. Which is not to say that we approach the greatness of any of the above-mentioned outfits, but we're worth a whirl nonetheless." Yep, we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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01. Electrons And Paper
02. Oncology
03. Springtime In Antarctica
04. Blame Bullies
05. We're Frail
06. SSRI
07. Something
08. Unasked
09. When Doves Cry
10. Don't Write It Down
11. The New Guy