Melorman - Mokhov Remixes
Melorman - Mokhov Remixes
[ SSS054 · Released · Oct 29, 2013 ]

Mokhov Remixes

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This collection of Mokhov remixes features eight hand-picked selections from Melorman's catalog, breathing new life into tracks both new and old alike. Enjoy!

Original recordings appear on and courtesy of the following Melorman releases:

You Are - Expressing Thoughts, Archaic Horizon, 2009
5’O Clock Spring Time - Out In A Field, Symbolic Interaction, 2009
Open Your Eyes - After Noon, Sun Sea Sky, 2011
Inside Your Dream - After Noon, Sun Sea Sky, 2011
Ten - Drawing Circles Through An Empty Sky, Summer Rain Recordings, 2008
Heights - Waves, Sun Sea Sky, 2013
Girls In The 70’s - Waves, Sun Sea Sky, 2013
Lights - Waves, Sun Sea Sky, 2013

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01. You Are (Mokhov Remix)
02. 5 O'Clock Spring Time (Mokhov Remix)
03. Open Your Eyes (Mokhov Remix)
04. Inside Your Dream (Mokhov Remix)
05. Ten (Mokhov Remix)
06. Heights (Mokhov Remix)
07. Girls In The 70's (Mokhov Remix)
08. Lights (Mokhov Remix)