Boc Scadet - Yleptic
[ SSS029 · Released · Jan 26, 2010 ]


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Boc Scadet's "Yleptic" [EP] was originally a CDr release on Lawrence Grover's (aka Boc Scadet) own microlabel clickclickdonedrone. "Sel Alterat" was also featured as a standout track on Toytronic's "Everything Is Green" compilation.

The recording has been completely re-mastered and features new artwork by Liam Frankland, also responsible for Boc Scadet's "Temporary Oceans" artwork. This release will be digitally exclusive.

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01. Yleptic
02. Biits
03. Autocull
04. Voimll
05. Sel Alterat
06. Extol