Ampline - Ampline
[ SSS013 · Pre-Order · May 18, 1999 ]


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On the forefront of charged times an overwhelming urge to simply dissolve has risen. Skinless yet unbroken. An equation outside logic and reason is solving itself. Witness it's simplicity; yet utter no words. For it is no longer a secret, it merely has escaped the clever constriction of words; a freightless train.

Jeff Albers - Guitar
Chris Charlton - Guitar
Kevin Schmidt - Bass
Drew Bogner - Drums

Recorded on April 9, 1999 by Jim Turner at Backstage Studios

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01. Instruments Flying
02. Painting Moments
03. Words Are Welcome
04. Blueprints For A Hero
05. Notes On Dreams
06. Apex Novella
07. Place Of The Way

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