Ohrca - Ohrca
[ SSS037 · Released · Jun 15, 2010 ]


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The cover art for Ohrca's "s/t" album is a picture of an old chimney shoot cleaning brush that had been sitting in a backyard for years. The brush had been collecting rust, spiders, seeds and anything that fell into it's trap. Ohrca's music came together in a similar fashion. Lawrence Grover (Boc Scadet, Ships On Fire) and Billy Sprague (Galena) collaborated, sharing ideas and sketches with one another to see what stuck and what forms the music manifested into. Boc Scadet's melody and beat making skills combined with Galena's structure, fluidity, and love for organic textures.

Taking breaks in-between sessions and waiting for each respective party to make additions was key to the project. This allowed time for the work to breathe and the artists to contemplate whether the pieces were shaping to each other’s liking or not. Thankfully, Ohrca is now sharing their work with us some six years after it's creation.

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01. Epais Chevenx
02. Tritip
03. Kriket
04. Cymbiotic
05. Soddos
06. Lieghio
07. Rumvong

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