Mike Allen - The Benefit Of Doubt
[ SSS101 · Released · Jan 29, 2019 ]

The Benefit Of Doubt

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On his latest album, solo artist Mike Allen continues to forge an identity and sound that finds itself in like company with contemporaries Dave Gahan/Depeche Mode, Trent Reznor/NIИ, and John Penney/Ned's Atomic Dustbin/Groundswell UK. "The Benefit of Doubt" offers striking commentary on Allen's contempt for organized religion and its many blind and in some case hateful followers. Allen concedes, "It’s a topic that’s caused a lot of turmoil within me and one I felt inspired to create a soundtrack to."

While he struggles with the notion of [a] God, Allen's lyrics often point to the sheer beauty and wonderment of life that make the belief in something far greater than ourselves seem reasonable and plausible. However, Allen remains keenly aware of the dangers and pitfalls of blind faith and the individuals or victims that have and continue to fall prey to this notion.

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01. Locked In A Room With The Devil
02. Prosthetic Hymns
03. Whores Of The Ill Informed
04. The Benefit Of Doubt
05. Drug Free School Zone
06. The Night That I Saw Hell
07. Nothing So Beautiful As The Rain