Charm Days - Shelter
[ SSS088 · Released · May 22, 2018 ]


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Charm Days' debut full-length album on Sun Sea Sky Productions. Doug Kaufman is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in the mountains of Western North Carolina. He has released several titles under his own name, as well as aliases Black Sparrow and Charm Days. His work has been featured on History Channel, MTV, Bloomberg, Vice, Nat Geo and more.

'Shelter' is the artist's second release as Charm Days, and the album immediately engages listeners with its exquisite production, playful melodies, chilled downtempo beats and warm expressive tones throughout. RIYL: Mokhov, Northcape, Melorman, and Obfusc.

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01. Shelter
02. Pieces
03. Springtime Shirt
04. Where Monsters Roamed
05. Kyanjin Gompa
06. Sugarwoods
07. Safe
08. Bibis
09. The Quiet Lights