Charm Days - A Firefly Out Of Season
[ SSS109 · Released · Apr 07, 2020 ]

A Firefly Out Of Season

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Charm Days is back with his second release on SSS. A Firefly Out of Season [Apr 7th] explores moodier palettes, influenced by the innovations of artists like Flying Lotus and Teebs, while maintaining the artist’s same accessible melodic sensibilities. A heavier emphasis on vocal samples also brings an additional layer of complexity, often blurring the line between human and machine. Mastered by Taylor Deupree/12k. Pre-order the album now, which will be available on all digital + streaming platforms in April.

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01. A Firefly Out Of Season
02. Warm Your Bones
03. End 421
04. The Universe Crackles
05. Different Kinds Of Knowing
06. Long Forgotten Initials Of A Stranger
07. Everything Will Never Be The Same
08. Second Naivete
09. Jollyhood