[ SSS087 · Released · Mar 27, 2018 ]


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Debut EP from Netherlands-based CИTROPY (pronounced syntropy), featuring six exclusive tracks and six remixes by SineRider, Good Weather For An Airstrike, Data Rebel, Melorman, Mokhov, and (ghost).

Music lovingly made with the following: tape, wersi mk1, casio vz10, volca, atari, custom analog/digital synths, oscilloscopes, and soldering irons amongst other things.

01. Solemn
02. Sundown
03. Sway
04. Styx
05. Star
06. Sparsity
07. Solemn (SineRider Remix)
08. Sundown (Good Weather For An Airstrike Remix)
09. Sway (Data Rebel Remix)
10. Styx (Melorman Remix)
11. Star (Mokhov Remix)
12. Sparsity (ghost Remix)