Northcape - Exploration and Ascent Remixed
Northcape - Exploration and Ascent Remixed
[ SSS052 · Released · Jun 11, 2013 ]

Exploration and Ascent Remixed

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This collection of Northcape remixes features selections from the original recording and release:

SSS051 Northcape 'Exploration and Ascent'

01. Cleaning The Glass (Apta Remix)
02. Trailhead (Follow Me Remix by åpne sinn)
03. Potentilla (Melorman Remix)
04. The First Crossing Of The Watershed (Imja Lake Remix by Distant Fires Burning)
05. Arrive Ruttledge Col (Dementio13 Remix)
06. Another Endless Morning (Specta Ciera Remix)
07. Meltwater (Dalot Remix)
08. High Mountain Record (Z-Arc Remix)
09. Mackerel Sky (Pinklogik Remix)
10. Last View (Rykard Remix)
11. Carbon (Earthbound Remix by Toaster)