Northcape - Alluvial EP
[ SSS060 · Released · Nov 24, 2014 ]

Alluvial EP

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The 'Alluvial' EP is inspired by geology, human prehistory and the idea of 'deep time' - how incredibly long it has taken the planet to evolve.

I have therefore tried to express a sense of scale, which is in contrast to the more personal landscapes that inspire much of Northcape's material.

The result is this EP which contains four slow-building but still melodic tracks with a more ambient feel.

Some of the tracks are inspired by the idea of human habitation in the distant past, and others by geological space - the release image is pretty much a landscape I was imagining when I was writing the tracks.

Although they are different from my normal approach to melodic electronica (which continues to develop), I think these tracks still keep a recognizable Northcape sound.

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01. Alluvial
02. Water Over Flint
03. Doorways Facing East
04. Deep Strata