Sacred Seeds - Spectral Drift
[ SSS122 · Released · Feb 02, 2024 ]

Spectral Drift

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Sacred Seeds is the solo project of India-based producer Wasim Kozhikode, who brings a fresh approach to ambient music by crafting a fine blend of ethereal soundscapes fused with hints of electronic, downtempo, minimal sounds intended to provoke a positive shift in consciousness. Inspired by artists such as AES Dana, Data Rebel, Pete Namlook, Klauze Shulze and Murcof, Sacred Seeds takes the listener on a musical pilgrimage opening channels and doorways to a unique journey of sonic therapy. Since its inception in 2004, Sacred Seeds has amassed passionate followers and music lovers worldwide boasting an impressive back catalog with releases on Kahvi Collective, Valley View Records, Neotantra and more. Sacred Seeds' label debut Spectral Drift arrives on 02/02/2024. Read more » Less
01. Limited Space
02. Drift Away
03. Point Of Light
04. Treasures Of Time
05. Dissolved Reflection
06. Stellar Planes
07. Vibrational Balance
08. Portals
09. Patterns In Space
10. Patterns In Time