Mike Allen - Sounds From Home
[ SSS043 · Released · Aug 28, 2018 ]

Sounds From Home

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Originally released in 2011, Mike Allen's 'Sounds From Home' has been completely remastered by Crimson Sun Audio(Touched Compilations, Covert Series, etc.) and is being reissued as a free or name your digital download release on the label. Includes remixes by Northcape, BLCK/MRKT/RGNS, Boc Scadet, and Mike Allen.

01. Sojourn
02. Take Me Home
03. It's That Quick
04. Sundowner
05. Are We There Yet?
06. Chewing On Guitar Strings
07. Waiting For My Father
08. Peripheral Everything
09. The Least Of These
10. Kindly End This
11. Sundowner (Northcape Remix)
12. Take Me Home (BLCK/MRKT/RGNS Remix)
13. Sojourn (Boc Scadet Remix)
14. The Least Of These (Mike Allen Remix)