Michaël Bijker - Temples
Michaël Bijker - Temples
[ SSS066 · Released · Mar 17, 2015 ]


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'Temples' is the artist's second full-length album, following up the excellent 'Ways to Travel' released on Archaic Horizon in 2014.

Warm, immersive, flowing, laid-back, harmonious, mellow and feel-good are words that can be used to describe Portugal-based Michaël Bijker’s music. Full of chillout, IDM , ambient and chillstep influences, Bijker's music chronicles his many journeys around the globe, featuring field samples and recordings from his travels to locations near and far.

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01. Bodhi Forest
02. Mandarins
03. Adam's Peak
04. Jungle
05. Pure Flow Motions
06. Zavial
07. Temples
08. Jamala Garden
09. Scarlett Moon
10. Bariga
11. Arrivals