Blochemy - Rea
Blochemy - Rea
Blochemy - Rea
Blochemy - Rea
Blochemy - Rea
Blochemy - Rea
[ SSS102 · Released · Jun 11, 2019 ]


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Through its crystalline labyrinth of granular synths and tape saturation treatments, Blochemy's "Rea" sheds the artist's former Tri Repetae-era Autechre and Atol Scrap-era Arovane influences, instead trading these in for more panoramic electro ambient forward material.

"Rea," while retaining a stark desolate beauty all its own, undeniably channels Campfire Headphase-era BOC ambient pieces, Near The Parenthesis' work, along with Arovane's (and Kleine's) masterpiece "Tides." Underpinning the album are sci-fi thematics of once hostile planets now terraformed into more habitable atmospheres and environments.

Rounding out the package are four remixes from hallmark ambient and electronic acts Halftribe, (ghost) + Yuánfèn Dream, SineRider, and Stray Theories.

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01. Fo In
02. Wif C
03. Kape 5
04. Tykoe
05. Ke Qui
06. Dame
07. Awe Nap
08. Naum
09. Ren
10. Hevi
11. Frane
12. Weno
13. Grai Dmo
14. Evi
15. Wif C (Halftribe Remix)
16. Kape 5 (Ghost + Yuánfèn Dream Remix)
17. Frane (SineRider Remix)
18. Evi (Stray Theories Remix)

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