Mike Allen - Cirrhotic
[ SSS021 · Released · Oct 21, 2003 ]


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After reading an article discussing the subject of Scientism, Mike Allen embarked on a journey to write and record his debut solo album "Cirrhotic". The album represents a culmination of Mike's thoughts and rather strong reactions to the above subject matter, but too, marks a brief departure from his regular role of guitarist and vocalist in the band Sunday Flood to write and record solo material of his own.

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01. Cirrhosis
02. Corridor
03. Professional Responder
04. Cells And Souls
05. The Mother Degenerative
06. Scientism
07. Dry
08. Audible Head Trauma
09. Untouched
10. Child Like
11. The Noises
12. Dying Words
13. I Hate It Here