Glamaticus - Ajabu Ya Maat
[ SSS112 · Released · Jul 21, 2020 ]

Ajabu Ya Maat

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Glamaticus’ Ajabu ya Maat [July 21st] is themed after the ancient kemetic civilization of Afrika and the principles of creation, particularly Ma'at. Ma'at in ancient Kemet (now known as Egypt) and still today is a symbol of harmony, known as the feather of truth it represents balance, equilibrium and justice. Ma'at was the Goddess and the abstract ideal of truth, created by Ra from his quintessential light.

The release represents and embodies a reconnection to songwriter Derrick Shadrack’s ancestry and paying tribute to that life force, the energy of creation that continues to flow through both him and the world. The album is an inspiration for others to learn about the true history of Afrika, Afrikans and the significance of the timeless ancient wisdoms and ingenuity that have given this world the art of living. Ajabu ya Maat is now available for pre-order, and will be officially released this July on all digital + streaming platforms!

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01. Paper Skies
02. Flower Of Life
03. Mind Games
04. Dreams Of Unity
05. Spirits Of Nature
06. An Ode To Forgotten Origins
07. Kingdoms Within
08. Carbon & Copper
09. Spring Water
10. Sprouting Seed
11. Earthing