(ghost) - Effloresce
(ghost) - Effloresce
(ghost) - Effloresce
(ghost) - Effloresce
(ghost) - Effloresce
(ghost) - Effloresce
[ SSS117 · Released · Feb 17, 2023 ]


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Brian Froh’s alias (ghost) began as a way to write music in the comfort of his own home. After many years of playing in bands, as a DJ, and other musical ensembles he sat down with a laptop, a copy of Logic, and a small two-octave keyboard to create. In 2013 we saw this come to fruition with the album 'Departure'; a combination of acoustic elements he was familiar with, combined with a familiar 00’s era IDM sound. Shortly after Brian moved to Denver, CO to pursue music and meet other like-minded musicians. It wasn’t long before these new ideas culminated into the album 'A Vast and Decaying Appearance' and the likely titled 'Elas' EP. The following release 'Everything We Touch Turns To Dust' was much darker, and closely shadowed the struggles that existed in Brian’s life at the time. For the time being, (ghost) was almost nonexistent. Aside from remixes and compilation tracks the artist stayed dormant, not appearing on any social media or playing any live events. 
After what has been almost a five year hiatus, (ghost) returns with his new album ‘Effloresce'. Inspired by the passing of his friend, this album is the beginning of a new chapter. (ghost) takes everything he has worked on for the past ten years and refines it to create his own signature sound on this record. Expect to hear familiar synth tones, subtle guitar, and crushing drums set to a somber yet somewhat hopeful timbre. As the album title suggests this is just the beginning of a much lighter hearted and beautiful journey that (ghost) will soon take us on.
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01. Bloom
02. Nourish
03. Ness
04. Thorn
05. Effloresce
06. Further
07. Enthral
08. Breath
09. Harvest
10. Bloom - Yuánfèn Dream Remix (Digital Exclusive Track)
11. Bloom - Mokhov Remix (Digital Exclusive Track)
12. Ness - Hidden Rivers Remix (Digital Exclusive Track)
13. Thorn - Data Rebel Remix (Digital Exclusive Track)
14. Effloresce - Charm Days Remix (Digital Exclusive Track)