Gemini Tri - Astroida
[ SSS111 · Released · Jun 16, 2020 ]


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Gemini Tri is back with his second installment of exquisitely crafted IDM, ambient, and downtempo on SSS. Astroida [June 16th] channels cosmic moods interspersed with abstract themes ranging from an appreciation of the observable universe to deep space exploration. The album features seven tracks of slow calm pads as well as glitch experimental tracks featuring arpeggiators and guitars. Still more cold and mechanic sounds are on offer here, hinting at the ruthlessness of space and life as rarity in the outer fringes of the cosmos. Pre-order the album now, before being released on all digital + streaming platforms worldwide mid-June!

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01. Fractal Machina
02. Sect70
04. Last Message
05. Little White Room
07. The End of Reincarnation